Public Watching Hours on YOUTUBE: Concept and How to Increase


Video content is always relevant and enjoys much more interest than photo ads, texts. Video views help to increase your rankings and even start earning if the user has managed to achieve monetization for their video content.

Of course, you can use the buy public watch hours service, but it is not recommended to abuse this service.

When launching an advertising campaign on YOUTUBE, you need to achieve an increase in viewing hours, respectively, you need to draw up a plan, conduct analytical calculations of efficiency (demonstrations, views, coefficients, prices per views). The utmost attention is paid to displays. The number of hours and visibility for potential customers in general depends on them. Each view of your video is registered only if the user watches it for more than 30 seconds, as well as when they click on it. The coefficient is calculated from the total number of views, which will determine the effectiveness of the submitted ad and the literacy of the targeting settings.

View hours have a significant impact on a video’s ranking on YOUTUBE. It is important to generate increased interest, which is a powerful impetus for business development in e-commerce. On the connected channel, you need to specify the completion ratio (viewing frequency). A bunch of accounts will help you get access to useful functions that increase the effectiveness of a given video (advertising or informational). The included remarketing lists allow you to target your target audience of viewers.

Tips for Increasing Public Watching Hours on YOUTUBE

In order to monetize content on a YouTube channel, you need to gain more than 4 thousand hours of total viewing. This is a condition written in the channel rules. This rule is mandatory for joining the affiliate program. The uploaded video must be public and this is a basic requirement. The desired 4 thousand hours can be accumulated in one year, and hours are also counted if the video was viewed within 52 weeks from the date the publication was uploaded to the platform’s YouTube. To track the progress of the set of hours in the creative studio, YouTube has a panel with the option «monetization». The panel contains data on viewed hours, the number of subscribers is indicated.

Increasing the number of hours is hard work, but some video creators manage to get many hours of views in a short amount of time. The success of the uploaded video is very difficult to predict. It is very important that interest in your content does not fade away. Accordingly, you need to make a video in the list of the first in the search operations of users. It is important to constantly update your channel, broadcast live, upload viral videos. Content quality is the key to success, as well as maintaining consistency on your channel.

Patience and creativity attract many viewers to channels where they can get useful information. But keeping the audience’s attention is not an easy task, and you need to constantly work on it.

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